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About Olivia Cosmetic

Olivia Health Care started its operations in the year 1987. Delivering quality products backed by extensive research and domain expertise, was the philosophy that spurred the growth of the company and started its foray into other product categories.

Brand Inspiration

Olivia gets its name and inspiration from the ever so fascinating fruit Olive. For centuries women have fancied Olive for its nourishing and beautifying properties. Even the mystifying beauty of Queen Cleopatra owed its charm to the olive. Aiming to carry these exceptional qualities forward, Olivia laid utmost emphasis on herbal ingredients which are now the basis for all Olivia products.

Brand Ideology

Ever since its inception, Olivia positioned itself as a quality brand with a value for money proposition. It started its proceedings with the Olivia Fairness Bleach Cream. The choicest materials and goodness of herbs soon made it a must in both Indian households as well as beauty salons. In 2011, the year which marks 25 years for the brand in the industry, Olivia has transformed into a household name in beauty and cosmetics.

Infrastructure :

Manufacturing Units

Olivia develops its products at its manufacturing facility based at Dehradun. At this fully automated production plant, utmost importance is placed on maintaining complete hygiene, considering its product's application and usage. The plant also boasts of a team of well-trained and adept staff that is divided in appropriate departments, with each department having an efficient in-built system of communication; one at par with leading international standards.


ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED

Research & Development

Olivia Cosmetics regards R&D as its backbone considering that the skin care and hair care industry demands stringent quality control measures and up-to-the-minute research processes. Its fully functional Analytical and Microbiological Lab, is well equipped to handle testing and analysis of input as well as output products. The company also fulfils its CSR by placing due emphasis on environmental responsibilities. Testimony to this is the Safety and Pollution Control department that is not only adequately equipped, but also first in its class.

Olivia Network

Powerful market coverage of the entire Indian Subcontinent spanning across all states, not to mention, few overseas markets as well, is ensured at Olivia by a Marketing and Distribution team comprising of 250 professionals. It also boasts of 500 distributors all over India, who make certain that the brand is visible in all Cosmetics/Medical/General counters, as well as in all beauty salons.